To the future that awaits

I hope to be remembered by you
When you wear something old or buy something new
Maybe my voice inside your head or that faint smell of my scent,
I hope it will make you reminiscent.
Our precious moments, together we had spent.
I see you from afar through this tiny screen,
I smile when I think of times we used to scream.
I hope to be remembered by you.
How we went through that scary flu.
In moments of sorrow, struggle and grief
May our happy pictures bring you some relief
I see you now, walking free and confident ,
I am happy that we learned the worth of every penny spent.
I hope you remember me ,when things don’t go as planned
So that you listen to songs of your favorite band.
In times of happiness I hope you look back at me
Since together we had swam across that black sea
Your achievements should make you proud ,
I hope you remember me though you be surrounded by a crowd.
We grew together as I am your past self
Oh my beautiful future I am glad I could help.

I feel like words surround me and art finds it’s way through me, it’s forms..unexplainable.