It feels like the feeling of wearing a new pair of shoes,
Almost like calling the snow as cherry blossoms on the road,
It is like floating in the air when really you are just walking,
Or you know how you sometimes smile to yourself when alone?
I am yet to write on love…

At my most vulnerable, the wind from your side comes rushing in,
I cover up with a comforter but I still feel cold.
Yet you don’t seem to turn off the fan,
It is like you want me to feel cold.
I freeze to my core in tears…

Small crystallites of yearning, as this photo shows how I took it years ago
Took this photo 7 years ago and it felt quiet fitting with this poem 7 years later.

As a human, life isn’t a rainbow everyday,
“Persevere through black clouds”, is always on replay,
So I took an advice and bought these glassy igneous rocks,
Delusional as I was, they sort of looked like props,
Even so, I could feel the good days were incipient,
They carry good luck ,no matter who is…

I once built a dreamland.
Curated over a mundane bus ride,
With the essence of unfinished deadlines.
The clear windshield was a TV screen,
I stared through it, changed channels in my mind,
The seats turned into comfortable recliners,
And the smell of soothing coffee took over my senses.


I have been hiding her for a while now
You would hate her, she does things you don’t allow
I mean, none of you like the busy roads in the night
But the two of us see the colors that you never might
She likes the rush hour radiance that you sleep through
The quiet…

Two sets of clothes were enough
Mis matched, worn, scratched, torn
Two sets of clothes were enough
To get your opinion on me
You knew if I was rich
Or maybe pretending to be
Two sets of clothes were enough
To get that job, to get rejected
To be involved or to get kicked out
Two sets of clothes…

Off shore and far away, blending in with the severe rain,
The tiny vessels fill with tears of the walls,
Outdoors are flooded, indoors are uninvited pools.
Desperation and deep dives into memories brings pain,
Shifting beds to new locations, through the halls,
Crying over someone’s loss as it rains…

I pick out an outfit and put it back again,
What I wore yesterday is what I want today.
I wreak the whole closet and pull things out,
One perfect fit so I can go out and about.
New clothes that I buy and keep piling
With the old ones that I only wear
Who could…

These days we don’t really get to have physical albums that can make us feel nostalgic and remind us of a gone moment. What we do have are 5 year old left group chats that are archived on Facebook. I often get reminders of friendsversary I might be celebrating when…

What if I haven’t forgotten what you did to me?
If they weren’t just words from your mouth,
When it was clear they were words for hands.
The cuts on my skin that have almost healed and concealed.
What if I make you take the responsibility of them?
Will they…

Ishani Jha

I feel like words surround me and art finds it’s way through me, it’s forms..unexplainable.

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